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Girlie Video and Ventures Prods are subsidiaries of I.P.I. Video

 We cater to the man who wants to watch girls and not hard core sex. NONE of the videos we sell contain sexual contact, penetration, masturbation, or any other physical sex act. Our original videos would be comparable in content to mainstream Playboy videos available at national video outlets. Our videos contain complete nudity without any hardcore sexual activity. Our videos have been reviewed (at our request) by U.S. Postal inspectors; they do not violate any Federal Laws. Likewise for Canadian Customs Inspection.

Unlike Playboy videos, we appeal more to the serious girl-watcher...because our tapes contain REAL everyday beautiful women (not a fantasy image of a woman). Unlike Playboy videos we do not employ machine-gun video editing, where the scenes change so fast that you never have time to study a particular woman that appeals to you. Unlike Playboy videos, we cover real events, like Wet T-shirt contests, nude beauty pageants, public exhibition parties and Spring Break celebrations. All amateur models are over 18 years of age.

In short, we appeal to the real connoiseur of God's ultimate creation of beauty, the female form.

Founded in 1979, Girlie Video, a subsidiary of IPI Home Entertainment, was one of the first video movie distributors in the U.S.A.. Our movies have been reviewed by Penthouse ("...wholsome, refreshing"), Genesis ("...more naked women than you will ever see in one sitting"), and Adult Video News (" about soft-core video of the year"). All of these reviews are reprinted in full in our color catalog. We have advertised in national magazines such as Penthouse, Leg Show, Gallery and Hometown Girls.

But most important, Girlie Video is founded on the business philosophy of "performance and customer satisfaction is the key to ultimate success". We are "the good guys". And you can call the advertising departments of the above mentioned magazines and find that not a single customer complaint has ever been filed in the last 20 years of get what we advertise. and that's saying a lot when compared to the competition. Our DVDs are of the highest grade. The camera work in our videos is superior and of the highest grade, among our videographers a former major network TV cameraman and a photographer for Sports Illustrated. We are the exclusive distributors of the world famous Dale Zunz videos. If you have not seen a Zunz video then you haven't experienced the full realm of video. We receive orders for Zunz videos from Japan, Germany, and even from the North Pole.

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